What are the top five ways to be ready before a long trip?

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Top five things must prepare before driving to travel in Thailand

 There are many travel locations in Thailand that are far away from Bangkok in Thailand but they  attract travelers, particularly foreigners. Now, the trend of tourism in Thailand is recovering after canceling the lockdown caused by the spread of COVID-19. I would list the top five techniques that you must prepare yourself before driving in the long distance to travel as follows:

1.      Preparing your body

           You must prepare yourself to be ready before driving an automobile. You should get adequate sleep and relax and avoid consuming alcohol or using antihistamines, which can cause sleepiness while driving and are extremely dangerous in the event of an accident. If you are not prepared, other drivers should be assigned to drive instead of you.

2.      Checking your car

          Not only must you be prepared, but so must your vehicle. You should inspect the brake fluid, brake pads, and engine oil to ensure the car’s quality. Both sides’ wipers must work smoothly. All lights have been thoroughly tested. You should also check the water level in the cooling radiator and the tire pressure in the spare tire. You may send the automobile immediately to the center or a reputable car repair shop to check the quality of the car.

3.      Checking the route

          It is one of the most important things to plan for while traveling a long distance. Because if you plan a journey, studying the path will help you choose a safe route in case the main route crashes, such as when the road is being repaired, causing traffic jams and wasting your time. Furthermore, it enables you to recognize and avoid high-slope or zigzag routes in order to decrease automobile accidents.

4.      Stopping the car engine

          When driving for an extended period of time, it is important to stop or park the automobile at a rest stop to allow the car to ventilate and prevent it from overheating. Because if your car is overheated, it may lead to some car systems or engine malfunction. However, there are several rest stops along the route, such as stores, restaurants, and petrol stations. When you stop the automobile, you should open the hood and refill the water in the radiator.

5.      Preparing Thai driver’s license

The Motor Vehicle Act and Driver’s License demonstrate a driver’s capacity to drive as well as the authenticity of a vehicle on the road. Furthermore, a driver’s license protects you from punishment by Thai policemen and helps you avoid paying fines since they may request your driving license to ensure you are following the regulations.

These are the top five things that you must prepare before driving or departure to travel a long distance. However, I highly recommend that you prepare car insurance in Thailand as well, particularly from Rabbit Care, since accidents can happen at any time. As a result, obtaining car insurance might help you save money in the event of an accident since the repair cost will be paid by the insurance company. Interestingly, you can contact Rabbit Care to receive the roadside assistance services all the time.